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Hi my name is Seth Leal Rader. I'm 21. I'm a gay cub from Austin, TX living in Fort Worth, TX with my partner. I am Juggalo whoop whoop! I love Anime, video games, and books. I follow back, if I don't follow you back just tell me and I will. I don't act my age. I really don't like twinks, people my age or drama. I have a Cat and a Bunny. My favorite video game series is BioShock. My favorite type of video games is Survival horror. My favorite type movies are horror. Lastly my favorite books are young adult. If you like to know anything about me feel free to ask I will always answer any and all questions.

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futurama is one of those shows that lures you in by being funny and then rips your fucking heart out

If you didn’t know the hand was her father, the squid thing her mother, her parents left her at an orphanage when she was a baby but in reality were looking out for her all her life

what makes it even sadder is the reason they left her in an orphanage. they didn’t want her to know she was a mutant. they wanted her to live a normal human life so they gave her up while they live in the sewers as mutants.

now i regret having never watched futurama

One of the many reasons futurama is my favorite show

This and the Fry’s dog episode are only a few episodes apart. Marathoning Futurama is an emotional rollercoaster.

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